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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Here are a few ideas for selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the men in your life.

Last week I talked about things, experiences and services you can gift the women in your life for Valentine’s Day. And since love is something that should be given and received, let’s look at a few things we can gift the men in our lives this Valentine’s Day.

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When we consider our significant others, gifting them things can depend on a variety of things. Their hobbies. Their interests. Maybe a gadget that can make their lives at work easier. No matter the man in your life, I feel like something like a nice wallet or pair of sunglasses are universal ways to show affection. Cologne or a particular brand of hair gel are other gifts that anyone can find appealing.

Should you not be able to come up with a gift idea, let them decide for themselves with a gift card.


My husband loves rugged activities – fishing, shooting, wood working and the like. If your husband likes the same things, search for organizations in your area that facilitate those types of activities and try something new for date night this year. If you have a sports-loving husband, you could look in to things like Top Golf or a specialty gym class. Things like axe throwing also seem to be growing in popularity. Trying new things, particularly some of those specialty interest hobbies, is a great way to show your partner love this Valentine’s Day.


Splurging on a service is always a great option to gift someone. Especially if its something they wouldn’t normally consider investing in. For the men in our lives, a shave from a barber or a specialty fitness class may be services you consider giving them as a Valentine’s Day gift. If you know someone like my husband, a subscription to his favorite streaming service would also be a great Valentine’s Day gift. Get creative with this, but remember to consider who you’re giving a gift to.

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